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Hello! We're glad you found your way back! Of course, today's edition was especially easy to find, wasn't it? All you had to do was follow your nose!

Today's Lesson
SMELL (n.)   におい


  • A smell is the characteristic of something that you become aware of with your nose.
  • smell とは、鼻によって感知するものの特徴、つまり、においのことです。


  1. a: What's that smell?
    b: Sorry, I was putting on nail polish earlier.
  2. (to someone cooking in the kitchen)
    What a great smell! What are you making?
  3. The smell of fresh-baked bread always reminds me of my grandmother's kitchen.
  4. The food markets in Vietnam were filled with wonderful smells.
  5. I've washed these jeans twice, but I can't get rid of the gasoline smell.
  6. There's a very strong and unpleasant smell coming from the drain in the sink.
  7. (an advertisement for an air freshener)
    Freshen your home with the sweet smell of lavender.

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