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For Life

Greetings! This week, we celebrate the senses - all those delicious ways we experience the world around us. So open your eyes and ears, breathe deep, and get ready to savor a very special week of Berlitz WordMaster!

Today's Lesson


  • A sound is something that can be heard.
  • sound とは、聞こえてくるもの、つまり、音という意味です。


  1. a: What's that sound?
    b: It's just the cat upstairs.
  2. I can hear the sound of the temple bell from my apartment.
  3. (a child hiding with a friend)
    Shh! I think someone's coming. Don't make a sound!
  4. That high ringing sound is coming from the TV again. Don't you think it's time to take it to the repair shop?

英会話レッスンSame time tomorrow? Yes, we like the sound of that!