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2005.10.12(Review of 2004.04.12 edition)

No matter how good a proposal or plan may be, it won't even get off the ground until you have this ...

Today's LessonCATEGORY: イディオム


  • If a person or group gives their seal of approval, they give official permission for something or say that, in their opinion, it is good.
  • seal of approval とは、ある人物やグループが、何かについて与えた正式な認可、または何かの物事をよしとすることという意味です。


  1. I showed our proposal to the President. He was very impressed and gave us his seal of approval.
  2. If the Food and Drug Administration doesn't give their seal of approval to our new drug, we'll lose millions of dollars.
  3. We finally got the Board's seal of approval to go ahead with plant construction in China.
  4. a: Why did you return the swimsuit?
    b: It didn't get my dad's seal of approval. He said I was too young to wear a bikini.

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