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2005.09.20(Review of 2003.11.13 edition)

Hello and welcome back! We hope your long weekend was full and memorable. We're only with you for three days this week before the next long weekend begins, but we'll be spending it well. In honor of Respect for the Aged Day, we'll be introducing you to a set of expressions dealing with the “changing of the guard” - when senior employees retire or resign - and how hard it is to find people with the experience and knowledge to take their places.

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 混同しやすい言葉
PREDECESSOR vs. SUCCESSOR   前任者 vs. 後任、後継者


  • Your predecessor is the person who had your job or position before you.

    Your successor is the person who takes over your job or position after you.
  • predecessor は、前にその地位や仕事に就いていた人のことです。

    successor は、前任者の地位や仕事を引き継いだ人のことです。


  1. Brenda's predecessor had the job for nearly twenty years.
  2. Nobody thought I could do better than my predecessor, but I proved them all wrong.
  3. The board of directors decided to name Tyler Jackson as successor to the retiring CEO.
  4. (a former company president)
    I hear that my successor has made a lot of changes since I left.
  5. Have they named (= announced) Mr. Yoshida's successor yet?

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