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2005.11.02(Review of 2003.10.29 and 2003.10.30 edition)

Hi! From the prince who was turned into a beast to the princess who was doomed to sleep forever, children's books are filled with stories about today's WordMasters. These are fine and frightening words to be learning this Halloween week!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 混同しやすい言葉
SPELL vs. CURSE   呪文、魔力 vs. 呪いの言葉


  • A spell is a word or phrase that, when said, has magic power. It is also the magic that is the result of using such a word or phrase.

    A curse is a spell that makes bad things happen.

    A person, place, or thing is cursed if somebody has put a curse on it.
  • spell は、となえると魔力を発揮する単語や句、つまり、呪文のことです。となえた結果何かが起こること、つまり、魔法のこともさします。

    curse は、悪いことを起こす呪文のことです。

    人、場所、物などに呪いがかけられた状態のことを cursed と言います。


  1. You'll have to learn hundreds of spells if you want to become a wizard.
  2. The witch put a spell on the prince and turned him into a frog.
  3. The beautiful princess was under a spell that could only be broken by the kiss of a handsome prince.
  4. A curse was put on his whole family, and they all died in horrible ways.
  5. My wife left me, I lost my job, and last night my house was struck by lightning. I feel like I'm under a curse.
  6. Let's leave before something terrible happens. This place is cursed!

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