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For Life

It's interesting to think about where this week's expressions come from. Take today's for instance: What does it really mean to “make” time? It's not as if you can whip up a few extra minutes like a batch of cookies. Ah, if only we could!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: イディオム


  • To make good time is to go somewhere in a short time.
  • make good time とは、短時間で目的地に到着するという意味です。


  1. (someone arriving at a friend's home early)
    a: Hello! Come in! I wasn't expecting you until 2 o'clock.
    b: The traffic was light, so I made really good time.
  2. We'll make good time getting there if we can catch the 3:35 express train from Ikebukuro.
  3. (giving advice to a co-worker)
    You'll probably make better time on the train than on the bus, especially during rush hour.

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