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2005.09.15(Review of 2000.10.08 edition)

Greetings! Here's a WordMaster that may surprise you!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 間違えやすいボキャブラリー


  • In the United States, college is usually used to mean “university”.

    Be Careful[1]! In many expressions (see “Examples” below), it's more natural to use the word college than “university”.

    Be Careful[2]! Of course, the name of a school is fixed. You can't call Harvard University “Harvard College”, and you can't call Dartmouth College “Dartmouth University”.
  • アメリカでは college はたいてい、大学の意味で使われます。

    注意[1]:下の Examples にある表現のように、university よりも college を使った方が自然な表現になる場合が多くあります。

    注意[2]:ただし、大学の正式名称に university が使われている場合は、そのまま university を使います。例:Harvard University という名称の場合は、Harvard College とは言いません。また Dartmouth College は、Dartmouth University とは言いません。


  1. In the following examples, David is a student at the University of Freedonia:
  2. (David's mother)
    My son David is in college now. He goes to the University of Freedonia.
  3. (a neighbor)
    David is going to finish college soon, isn't he?
  4. (at a job interview)
    a: Do you have a college degree, David?
    b: Not yet. I graduate next month.
  5. (David's father)
    David's college basketball team is very strong this year.

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