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Greetings! When you've left the studying until the last minute, here's a word that can save the day!

Today's Lesson
CRAM   (知識を)詰め込む


  • To cram is to try to learn a lot in a short period of time, such as right before a test.

    A cram school is a school - separate from a student's regular school - that usually helps students prepare for high school or university entrance examinations.
  • cram とは、試験の直前などに、短時間のうちにたくさん勉強しようとするという意味です。

    cram school というと、(普通に通う学校とは別に)高校や大学の入学試験のための準備をしてくれる塾、予備校のことをさします。


  1. a: You look tired.
    b: I was up late cramming for my chemistry exam.
  2. I always end up cramming the day before a big test. I wish I had better study habits.
  3. a: Do you want to go out tonight?
    b: No thanks. I'm going to try to cram in some last-minute studying before the test tomorrow.
  4. Over half of the students in my daughter's high school class go to cram school.

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