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School is back in session, and summer is just a sweet memory. During this time, when it's easy for melancholy to set in, we'll do our best to brighten your days with a terrific new set of WordMaster editions. The theme? “Back to School”, of course!

Today's Lesson
(TAKE) NOTES   記録(を取る)


  • In school, notes are (usually brief) information that students write (for example, in a notebook) to remember what they read or what the teacher says in class. Notes are also information that teachers write to remember what to say and teach in class.

    To take notes is to write notes while listening to the teacher, reading a textbook, etc.

    Be Careful! Notes is always plural (with an “s”) when used in this sense.*

    * See the 5 August 2005 WordMaster, “NOTE vs. NOTEBOOK
  • 学校で notes というと、学生が教科書を読んだ内容や授業中に先生が言ったことを、忘れないようにノートなどに書きとめておく記録のことをさします。また、先生が授業で話す内容を忘れないように書いておくものを notes ということもあります。

    take notes というと、先生の話を聞いたり、教科書を読んだりしながらノートを取る、という意味になります。

    注意: notes を、今日紹介した意味で用いるときには、必ず s をつけて、複数形にします。

    * 2005/8/05 のWordMaster “NOTE vs. NOTEBOOK” 参照


  1. Professor Arakawa has been lecturing from the same set of notes for forty years.
  2. I have a history test tomorrow, so I'm going to spend some time tonight reviewing my notes.
  3. (two college students)
    a: I didn't see you in class yesterday.
    b: I was sick. Would it be alright if I copied your notes?
  4. It's difficult for some students to listen carefully to the teacher and take notes at the same time.
  5. Every new college student should take a class in study skills, including how to take good notes.

英会話レッスンWell, that's it for today's WordMaster. We hope you've been taking notes!