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  • To direct a movie, TV program, or play is to be the person who tells the actors, cameramen, or other staff what to do.

    This person is called a director.
  • direct とは、映画やテレビ番組、または演劇で、俳優やカメラマン、その他のスタッフに何をするか指示する、つまり監督するという意味です。

    この人は director「監督」と呼ばれます。


  1. She used to be an actress, but lately she spends most of her time directing. She can make a hit movie faster and cheaper than just about anyone.
  2. a: What are you working on these days?
    b: I'm directing a wildlife documentary for NSK Television.
  3. He's the most successful director in Hollywood. He's won three Oscars for best director in the last ten years.

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