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For Life
2005.08.30(Review of 2000.11.12 edition)

Greetings! The summer is winding down - another poignant illustration of the rule that all good things must come to an end. So it is, as well, with beauty, talent, and fame. Sobering thoughts.

Today's Lesson
FAMOUS (FOR)   有名な、名高い


  • A person, place, or thing is famous when it is very well known or is considered great by many people.

    To explain why something is famous, we use the phrase famous FOR; for example, Tsukiji is famous for its fish market.
  • 人、場所、物が、多くの人によく知られていること、名高いことを famous といいます。

    なぜ有名なのかを説明したいとき、famous FOR(〜で有名だ)というフレーズを使います。例:Tsukiji is famous for its fish market.「築地は魚市場で有名です。」


  1. I don't understand why that singer is so famous. Her voice is nothing special.
  2. The most famous shoes in the world are Cinderella's glass slippers.
  3. That actor has become very popular recently. I'm sure he'll be famous someday.
  4. Kyoto is famous for its temples and shrines.
  5. a: What is your hometown famous for?
    b: Nothing. Few people have ever heard of it.

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