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For Life
2005.08.18(Review of 2001.04.02 edition)

Hello! It's GREAT to be back! We hope you had a marvelous vacation. You surely deserved it! The WordMaster team is well-rested and brimming over with enthusiasm for the days, weeks, and months to come. There's so much we're looking forward to sharing with you!

Let's begin by taking up where we left off last week, shall we?

Today's Lesson


  • The sleeves of a shirt, sweater, dress, etc. are the parts of the clothes that cover the arms.
  • sleeve は、シャツやセーター、ドレスなどの、腕をカバーする部分、つまり袖のことです。


  1. If you're going to help me wash dishes, you'd better roll up your sleeves so they don't get wet.
  2. I'm looking for a cotton shirt with a button-down collar and short sleeves.
  3. a: What is Debbie going to wear at her wedding?
    b: A very elegant white dress. It has long sleeves and lots of lace.

英会話レッスンWe'll be back tomorrow - Friday already!