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Hello! Today's WordMaster deals with a set of numbers that sometimes affect our self-esteem more than they probably should. Can you guess which ones we're talking about?

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  • A person's measurements are the sizes of parts of his or her body. The most common set of measurements taken are those of the chest (usually called “bust” for women), waist, and hips.

    Be Careful! “Three size”(スリーサイズ) is Japanese-English.
  • measurements は、体のサイズのことです。一般的に、chest「胸囲」(女性の場合は通常 bust と呼ばれます)、waist「胴囲」、hips「腰回り」の寸法のことをさします。

    注意:three size「スリーサイズ」は和製英語です。


  1. I've lost 12 kilograms, and my measurements are now 34-24-38 (inches).
  2. a: That dress looks really good on you!
    b: Thanks. I had it custom made to my measurements.
  3. (a customer to a store clerk)
    a: I want to buy a shirt for my husband.
    b: Sure. Do you have his measurements?
  4. We can have the tuxedo ready for you in 24 hours. But first I'll need to take some measurements.
  5. (at the top of an order form on a Web site selling jeans)
    To give you the best fit, we'll need your exact hip and waist measurements.

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