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2005.08.03(Review of 2001.04.27 edition)

As if two words aren't enough to confuse, today we bring you three. You'll soon see why!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 混同しやすい言葉CATEGORY: ジャパニーズイングリッシュ
署名 vs. (有名人などの)サイン vs. 署名する


  • Your signature is the special written form of your name you use when writing checks, at the end of a letter, when closing a contract, etc.

    The signature of a famous person, especially when written for a fan, is called an autograph.

    To sign something (for example, a form or check) or to sign your name is to write your signature.

    Be careful! We do NOT use the word “sign” like the Japanese サイン as a noun to mean signature.
  • signature は、小切手、手紙の最後、契約を結ぶときなどに書く自筆の名前、つまり署名のことです。

    有名人がファンなどのために書く、いわゆるサインは、英語では autograph といいます。

    sign は、署名するという意味で、sign something(例えば書類や小切手などに署名する)という言い方と、sign your name(署名する)という2通りの言い方があります。

    注意:sign には、日本語の「サイン」のような、名詞の「署名」の意味はありません。


  1. CUSTOMER: Do I have to have a personal seal in order to open a bank account here?
    BANK EMPLOYEE: No, just your signature is fine.
  2. a: Can you read this signature?
    b: No, but I think Mr. Randolph signed this.
  3. (a fan to a movie star)
    Could I have your autograph?
  4. (a bank teller to a customer)
    You'll have to sign this check on the back before I can cash it for you.
  5. No, don't write your name in block letters. Sign your name, please.
  6. a: Where should I sign?
    b: Please sign here on the dotted line.

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