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For Life
2005.07.29(Review of 2002.08.23 edition)

My gosh, the week did fly by quickly! Let's finish with a key word for all festival-goers, amusement park thrill-seekers, and overseas travelers. It's a way to bring a piece of the fun back with you, whatever your pleasure may be!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: ジャパニーズイングリッシュ
SOUVENIR   記念品、みやげ


  • A souvenir is something you buy for yourself in order to remember a trip, a visit to a tourist attraction or other special place, or a special event. You can also buy a souvenir as a gift to bring back for someone else, to give them a taste of the place you've visited.

    Be careful! We do not use the word souvenir like the Japanese みやげ to talk about an ordinary gift we bring when visiting someone's home.
  • souvenir とは、旅先、観光名所、特別な行事などの場所で、自分のために記念として買う品物のことです。旅先、外出先の雰囲気を誰かに伝えるための贈り物として持ち帰る物のことも souvenir といいます。

    注意:souvenir は、日本語の「みやげ」のように、他家を訪問するときに持っていく品、という意味では使われません。


  1. Let's go look for souvenirs in the gift shop before it closes. I want to buy something cute for my room.
  2. Gems and silks are some of the most popular souvenirs from Thailand.
  3. Near every major tourist attraction, there's at least one souvenir shop.
  4. My father bought me this poster of the Golden Gate Bridge as a souvenir from San Francisco.

英会話レッスンTake care and see you next week!