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2005.07.20(Review of 2001.06.13 edition)

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RUN ON (gasoline)   (ガソリン)で動く


  • To say that a machine or device runs on gasoline, electricity, batteries, etc. means that it needs gasoline, etc. for power in order to operate.

    Be Careful! When “run” is used in this way, it can be used to talk about all kinds of machines and devices, not just cars and engines.*

    * See the 12 June 2001 WordMaster, “WORK (= function)
    and the 19 July 2005 WordMaster, “RUN (= operate)
  • 機械や装置が、何かの力(ガソリン、電気、電池など)で動くと言いたいとき、run on を使います。

    注意:このような意味では、車やエンジンはもちろん、他の様々な機械、装置についても run という言葉を使うことができます。

    * 2001/6/12のWordMaster “WORK (= function)” および、
    2005/7/19のWordMaster “RUN (= operate)” 参照


  1. My car only runs on unleaded gasoline.
  2. Most things in my home run on electricity. I wouldn't know what to do if the power went out.
  3. Portable radios run on batteries, so they're convenient for getting information during disasters.

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