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Today's LessonCATEGORY: 混同しやすい言葉
THE COUNTRY vs. RURAL   田舎 vs. 田舎の


  • Land that is not in cities or towns is called the country or the countryside.

    The word rural is used to talk about things found in or connected with the country.

    Be careful! We do NOT usually use “country” as an adjective as in “The place where I grew up is very country.” Use rural instead.
  • 都市や町ではない土地のことを the country または the countryside と呼びます。

    rural は、田舎で見られる、または田舎に関係のあるものを指すのに使います。

    注意: The place where I grew up is very country. のように、country を形容詞として使うことはありません。この場合は rural を使います。


  1. We went for a long drive in the country on Sunday. Oh, it was such lovely scenery!
  2. We moved to eastern Hokkaido because we wanted to raise our children in the countryside.
  3. The place where I grew up is very rural - mostly lakes and wooded areas. It was a one-hour drive to the nearest city.
  4. His latest movie is about life in rural Pennsylvania. The main character is a German-American farmer.

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