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For Life
2005.06.27(Review of 2003.05.21 edition)

Greetings! It's summer - a great time for a drive in the country. So jump in the car and join us. You may be surprised how much there is to see outside the window this week!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 間違えやすいボキャブラリー


  • A country with lots of land - like Russia or China - can be called a large country or a big country.

    A country with little land - like Monaco or Singapore - can be called a small country.

    Be Careful! We usually do NOT use the expression “wide country” to mean large country or “narrow country” to mean small country.
  • ロシアや中国のように国土の面積が広い国を large country または big country と呼ぶことができます。

    モナコやシンガポールのような小さな国は small country と呼ぶことができます。

    注意:大きい国の意味で wide country、小さい国の意味で narrow country という表現は使いません。


  1. a: Does it really take six hours just to fly across the United States?
    b: Yep. It's a big country.
  2. Russia is larger than China, but China has more people.
  3. A lot of Japanese say their country is small, but actually it's two-thirds the size of France, which is the largest country in Western Europe.

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