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Greetings on this very special day! Today is the summer solstice, when the sun rises to her most majestic height and gives us as her gift the longest day of the year. If any day should be lived well, this is the one!

Today's Lesson
(city) BLOCK   (町の)区画


  • A block is a piece of land in a city (usually with buildings on it) surrounded on all sides by streets.

    A block is also the length of a street from one street that crosses it to the next.
  • block とは、四方が道で囲まれている土地のことです。普通は建物が建っている街中の土地を指します。

    block には、曲がり角から次の曲がり角までの道の長さ、という意味もあります。


  1. My best friend and I lived on the same block when we were kids.
  2. Mom said I can only ride my bicycle around the block.
  3. The post office is at the end of this block.
  4. a: Is there a coffee shop near here?
    b: There's one on the next block.
  5. My office is only three blocks from the station, so you can walk there.

英会話レッスンAll the best to you today!