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2005.05.06(Review of 2002.04.22 edition)

Here's a sure sign that the long holidays are coming to an end. Have you been in one of these lately?

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 間違えやすいボキャブラリー


  • A traffic jam is a large number of cars or other vehicles moving slowly along a road because there are so many vehicles in one place.

    Be careful! Although “traffic” is uncountable, traffic jam is countable. So we say, for example, “There is A TRAFFIC JAM on Highway 80,” NOT “There is TRAFFIC JAM on Highway 80.”
  • traffic jam とは、道路が混雑していて、車などの乗り物がスムーズに動けなくなっている状態、つまり交通渋滞のことをいいます。

    注意:traffic は、数えられない名詞ですが、traffic jam は、数えられます。例えば、There is A TRAFFIC JAM on Highway 80. のように使います。There is TRAFFIC JAM on Highway 80. は、間違いです。


  1. I was stuck in a traffic jam for over an hour on my way to the office.
  2. During Golden Week, traffic jams on major highways are sometimes as long as 30 kilometers.
  3. An accident on the Chuo Freeway caused a huge traffic jam the other day.

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