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For Life

We're back, and we've got one more phone expression to share with you before we finish this series.

Not everyone has a secretary to take messages for them, so here's the next best thing!

Today's Lesson


  • An answering machine is a piece of electronic equipment that can answer the phone and record messages.
  • answering machine とは、電話に出て伝言を録音することができる装置です。つまり、留守番電話のことです。


  1. Always turn on the answering machine when you're the last person to leave the office.
  2. If I'm not home, just leave a message on my answering machine.
  3. (after coming home from a night out)
    We have three messages on the answering machine.
  4. I forgot to check my answering machine for messages.

英会話レッスンTake care!