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For Life
2005.03.24(Review of 2001.03.23 edition)


Perhaps no one enjoys this time of year more than students. After all, they have the time to enjoy it, thanks to today's WordMaster!

Today's Lesson


  • Spring break is a period from (usually) sometime in the second half of March to the first half of April, when students are off from school.
  • spring break とは、春に学校が休みになる期間(大抵は3月半ばから4月半ばごろの間のいつか)のことをいいます。


  1. a: How long is your spring break?
    b: Two and a half weeks. I'm going to the Gold Coast in Australia with some friends.
  2. Last year during spring break, I was busy studying for my college entrance exams. This year I'm going to have some fun!
  3. Why don't we take a trip this year while the kids are on spring break?

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