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2005.03.17(Review of 2001.11.21 edition)

Hi! In some parts of the world, today's WordMaster is known as a “zebra crossing”. Although not as colorful as that expression, this WordMaster is just as useful. Here it is!

Today's Lesson


  • A crosswalk is a part of the street painted with stripes (like a bar code), where cars must stop to let people walk across.
  • crosswalk は、道路の一部にバーコードのような線が引いてある場所、つまり、横断歩道のことです。その場所では、人が道を渡れるように、車は止まらなければなりません。


  1. (a policeman to a pedestrian)
    You shouldn't cross the street here. Use the crosswalk.
  2. There aren't any lights at that crosswalk, so be sure you look both ways before crossing.
  3. My children have to walk across this busy street every day on their way to school. I wish they'd put a crosswalk at the corner.

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