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For Life
2005.03.04(Review of 2001.12.01 edition)

Here's a fabulous Friday “Review Edition” for you, a fitting finish to this fine week. (We strongly recommend saying that out loud - good fun!) Consider today's edition a remake of a classic old WordMaster from the Golden Age!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 混同しやすい言葉
REMAKE / SEQUEL   再映画化/続編


  • A remake is a movie that has THE SAME (or similar) STORY as an earlier movie. The title is often the same as the original.

    A sequel is a movie that CONTINUES THE STORY of an earlier movie. The title is often the same as the original, but with a number such as “2”, “II”, or “Part 3” added.
  • remake とは、同じ、または似たストーリーを再び映画にしたもののことをいいます。タイトルが以前の映画と同じことがよくあります。

    sequel とは、ある映画のストーリーの続きの映画、つまり続編のことです。タイトルが同じことがよくありますが、その場合、2、II、Part 3 などが付きます。


  1. I liked the original “Planet of the Apes” better than the remake.
  2. “The Magnificent Seven”, starring Yule Brynner and Steve McQueen, is an American remake of the Kurosawa classic “Seven Samurai”.
  3. Hollywood seems to have run out of new ideas. All you see these days are remakes and sequels.
  4. Do you think they'll ever make a sequel to “Mononoke Hime”?
  5. “The Godfather Part II” is one of the few sequels that is even better than the original.
  6. What a great movie! I can't wait for the sequel!

英会話レッスンWell, that's all for this week. Enjoy the weekend, and we'll see you at the movies!