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Hello, fellow film lover! We're in the midst of a weeklong bout of Oscars fever!

Here's your Wednesday WordMaster!

Today's Lesson
NOMINATE   推薦する、ノミネートする


  • To nominate someone is to formally select them to be considered for an award, position, or honor.

    A nomination is the act of nominating someone.
  • nominate とは、正式に誰かを賞や仕事などの地位、勲章などを与える候補者として選定する、という意味です。

    nomination とは、対象となる人を選ぶ、その行為のことです。


  1. a: I'm sorry you didn't win.
    b: No, don't be. I was happy just to be nominated.
  2. Have they ever nominated a woman for president in the United States?
  3. They announced the Oscar nominations on January 25th. The full list was in the newspaper.
  4. When a film receives an Oscar nomination for Best Picture, its box office sales and video rentals always increase.

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