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NEEDLE vs. HAND   (コンパスなどの)針 vs.(時計の)針


  • The long, thin pointer on a compass (= a tool used to find direction) and many other measuring devices is called a needle.

    Each of the (usually 2 or 3) pointers on a clock is called a hand.

    Be Careful! We do NOT call a clock hand a needle like the Japanese 時計の針.
  • コンパス(方向を知るための計器)や、他の測定機に付いている細長い針のことを needle といいます。

    時計の針(通常2本か3本)のことは、hand といいます。

    注意:日本語では、時計の「針」と言いますが、英語では clock hand のことを日本語のように needle(針)とは呼びません。


  1. The needle of a compass always points north.
  2. POLICE OFFICER: Do you realize that you were driving 125 kilometers per hour?
    DRIVER: I'm sorry, officer, but my speedometer needle is stuck (= won't move).
  3. Most analog clocks have at least two hands: one to tell the hour and another to tell the minutes. These are called the “hour hand” and the “minute hand”.
  4. Does your watch have a second hand?

英会話レッスンWe hope to see you again soon! How about after two turns of the hour hand?