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Small growing things, like bird chicks and bear cubs, always seem to be hungry, and human babies are no exception. So here's a pair of words that those of you with babies should have frequent opportunities to use!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 混同しやすい言葉
FEED vs. NURSE   食べ物を与える vs. 母乳を飲ませる


  • To feed a baby is to give it food, including milk from a bottle or solid food.

    To nurse a baby is to give it milk directly from the breast.
  • feed a baby は、赤ん坊に食べ物を与える、という意味です。ミルクも離乳食も含まれます。



  1. FATHER: Shall I feed the baby while you're gone?
    MOTHER: No. She just ate.
  2. My eldest daughter really enjoys feeding the baby.
  3. (a woman to a waiter)
    Is it alright if I nurse my baby here?
  4. I often lie down to rest while nursing the baby.

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