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Greetings! Today we begin talking about another job that takes up so much of a mother's time - providing her child with food, food, and MORE food!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 間違いやすいボキャブラリー
(BABY) FORMULA   乳児用調合乳、粉ミルク


  • Formula or baby formula is artificial milk given to babies instead of milk from the breast.

    Be Careful! The word formula can be used for BOTH artificial milk bought as a powder and as a ready-to-drink liquid.
  • formula または、baby formula は、赤ん坊に母乳の代わりに与える人工乳のことです。

    注意:formula は、粉ミルクとして売られているものと、液状のミルクで売られているものの両方をさします。


  1. (a pregnant woman to her doctor)
    Which is better for a baby: breast milk or formula?
  2. Before you give the baby her bottle, make sure the formula is warm - but not hot.
  3. There are so many kinds of baby formula in the stores, it's hard to choose.

英会話レッスンOh, Mom, formula again?!