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Just a couple of letters spell the difference between these two words. No wonder they're so “Commonly Confused”!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 混同しやすい言葉
LATE vs. LATELY   遅れて、遅くまで vs. 最近


  • Late means coming or happening after the usual, expected, or proper time.

    Lately means not long ago.

    Be Careful! We do NOT use the word lately to mean late. For example, we do NOT say, “I have to work lately tonight.”
  • late は、いつもの時刻、決められた時刻、適切な時刻、を過ぎてから、何かが来たり、起こったりする様子、つまり、遅れて、遅くまで、という意味です。

    lately は、最近、という意味です。

    注意:lately は、late という意味では使いません。例えば I have to work lately tonight. と言ったら間違いです。


  1. Sorry I'm late. My bus was late again.
  2. (arriving for his daughter's piano recital)
    FATHER: Am I too late?
    MOTHER: No. You're just in time. She's up next.
  3. Don't be late for dinner. Your mother's been cooking all day.
  4. a: Why don't you come out for drinks with us?
    b: Thanks, but I have to work late tonight.
  5. a: Can I stay up late with you tonight, Papa?
    b: Not tonight, honey. Remember, you have school tomorrow.
  6. We've had so much rain lately that I haven't been able to hang the clothes out to dry in a week.
  7. I haven't seen Ms. Abe lately. Has she been sick?
  8. a: What have you been up to (= doing) lately?
    b: I got a new job. I'm working for Dexter & Hamilton now.
  9. Have you seen any good movies lately?

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