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Today's Lesson CATEGORY: イディオム
PICK UP (a room)   (部屋を)片付ける


  • To pick up a room is to make it neat by putting things (for example, toys left on the floor) where they belong.
  • pick up a room は、散らかっているもの(床に置きっぱなしになっているおもちゃなど)をあるべき場所に戻して部屋をきれいにする、つまり、部屋を片付ける、という意味です。


  1. (Janet's mother to Janet's father)
    I was picking up Janet's room when I found this letter. Did you know that she was seeing a boy named Rocky?!
  2. BOY: I'm going outside to play with Bobby and Rick.
    MOTHER: You're not going anywhere until you pick up your room.
    BOY: I'll do it later, Mom.
    MOTHER: Then I'll pick it up myself, and I'll throw out anything I find on the floor!
  3. (mother to her grown-up son)
    I don't know how you can stand living in such a messy apartment. Why don't you pick it up a little?

英会話レッスンSurprised? Yes, even if you've never gone to the gym and lifted weights in your life, you too can pick up a room!