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Hello, hello! As if the arrival of Friday wasn't enough, we have even more good news for you today! One should never underestimate the power of the weather to brighten (or dampen) the spirits, so for those of us who like the thermostat turned up a few degrees, today's WordMaster is the very best kind of news!

Today's Lesson
(WARM) SPELL   (暖かい)期間


  • A warm spell is a period of warm weather.

    We can also say cold spell, dry spell, sunny spell, etc.
  • warm spell は、暖かい気候が続く期間、という意味です。

    cold spell(寒い期間)、dry spell(雨が降らない期間)、sunny spell(晴れの期間)などと言う事もできます。


  1. Despite the recent warm spell, we all know it'll be a long time before spring really arrives.
  2. I love the weather here! Sure it rains a lot, but it makes the sunny spells so much nicer!
  3. This dry spell is supposed to continue until the end of the week. We should have a great harvest!

Fair weather awaits you this weekend! We're sure of it!