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Okay, not everything new is necessarily good. But the achievements of scientists, engineers, and every other kind of explorer are a source of so much excitement that we had to include this one in our 'Good News!' series.

Today's LessonCATEGORY: Commonly Confused Words
INVENT vs. DISCOVER   発明する vs. 発見する


  • To DESIGN or MAKE something that is the first of its kind is to invent it.

    An invention is something that has been invented.

    To FIND or LEARN something that has never been seen or known before is to discover it.

    A discovery is something that has been discovered.
  • invent は、新しく何かをデザインしたり、創り出したりする、という意味です。

    invention は、名詞形で、発明(品)という意味です。

    discover は、今までに見たことがなかった、または、知らなかった物事を、初めて見つけ出す、知る、という意味です。

    discovery は、名詞形で、発見(物)という意味です。


  1. Thomas Edison invented the first electric light bulb.
  2. I wish someone would invent a spaceship that could fly to the stars. Just imagine the things we could discover out there!
  3. That's a clever invention. I'm sure it's going to make you very rich.
  4. Christopher Columbus discovered America ... or did he?
  5. Some kids discovered a 6000-year-old vase buried in their backyard.
  6. Do you think we'll ever discover a way to communicate with animals? I mean really talk with them!
  7. The discovery of the structure of DNA was perhaps the most important event of the 20th century.
  8. I made a great discovery this morning! I found a perfect little coffee shop just 5 minutes from my home.

Did you discover anything new in today's edition?