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Today's Lesson
RECOVER   回復する


  • To recover is to become well again.

    To recover something is to get it back after it was lost or stolen.

    A recovery is the act of recovering.
  • recover は、再び良い状態になる、つまり、回復する、という意味です。

    "recover + 物" は、なくしたり盗まれたりした物を取り戻す、という意味です。

    名詞形は recovery です。


  1. DOCTOR: Your son should recover fully in a few days. The fever is down already.
  2. Many people believe that the economy is already beginning to recover.
  3. Nobody thought he would ever recover the use of his legs after the accident. But look at him! He's walking again!
  4. The police recovered the stolen jewels last night. They were found in a mailbox in front of the store that had been robbed.
  5. The patient's recovery was much faster than the doctors had expected.
  6. After the earthquake, the country received millions of dollars for disaster recovery. So life was quickly back to normal.
  7. The economic recovery created 100,000 new jobs last year.

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