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For Life

Well, we've reached the end of the road, and we think today's WordMaster is a perfect way to finish our latest series!

Today's Lesson
DEAD END   行き止まり


  • A dead end is a place where a road ends without joining another road and where vehicles can make no further progress.
  • dead end は、道路の最終地点で他の道とつながっていない場所、つまり、行き止まりのことです。車両はその地点より先に進めません。


  1. (in a car)
    a: Look! This street's a dead end !
    b: We must have taken a wrong turn somewhere. We'll have to make a U-turn and go back.
  2. (asking for directions)
    DRIVER: Is this the way to Gentry Park?
    PASSERBY: No. That way's a dead end . Turn around and take a right at the light.
  3. We used to live in a very quiet apartment on a dead-end street.

We'll be waiting for you on Monday. Until then, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!