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Today's LessonCATEGORY: Commonly Confused Words
ROAD vs. STREET   道路 vs. 街路


  • A road is a long, hard surface made for vehicles to move along.

    A street is a road in a city or town which usually has a number of buildings along one or both sides.

    Be Careful! We do NOT use the word street to talk about a road BETWEEN two cities or towns.
  • road は、車両が通行するための道路で、普通、舗装されています。

    street は、都市や町の中を通っている道路で、普通片側または両側に建物が並んでいます。

    注意:都市や町どうしを結ぶ道路のことは streetとは呼びません。


  1. The road from Clarksville to Ferndale is one of the prettiest in the country.
  2. The bad roads in some parts of Africa make travel slow and difficult.
  3. (a passenger in a car)
    There's an ambulance behind us. Pull over to the side of the road .  
  4. Look both ways before crossing the street , especially if it's a busy one.
  5. It's the second house on the left side of the street .
  6. There's a post office just across the street .
  7. We used to play baseball in the street in front of our house when I was a boy.