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For Life

It's Friday, and now comes the event for which you've been practicing and rehearsing so hard. We'll be watching. Good luck!

Today's Lesson


  • An event where students of arts such as music, dance, or poetry perform for a group of people and display the skills they have gotten during their studies is called a recital.
  • 音楽、ダンス、詩などの芸術を学んでいる人が、身に付けた技術を披露する会のことを recital (発表会)と言います。


  1. Almost every parent at the recital  had a video camera. It looked like a press conference.
  2. Here's a ticket to Amy's ballet recital.  Please don't bring flowers or anything - just coming is enough.
  3. My daughter was so disappointed by her performance at the recital.  I guess she just didn't practice enough.
  4. Billy was the only boy performing in the dance recital.  He looked a little embarrassed, but he did a wonderful job!
  5. Some music students from Tokyo Geidai are going to Europe next month to give recitals  in Paris, Rome, and Milan.