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Now here's a kind of practice that's especially important, because unless you do it well, you're going to be very embarrassed in front of an awful lot of people!

Today's Lesson
REHEARSE   リハーサルをする


  • To rehearse  is to practice a piece of music, a play, a dance, etc. that is going to be performed for an audience.

    A rehearsal  is the act of rehearsing.
  • rehearse  は、演奏、演劇、ダンスなどの公演の前に稽古をする、つまり、リハーサルをする、という意味です。

    名詞形は、rehearsal  です。


  1. (an orchestra conductor)
    Today let's begin by rehearsing  the 1st movement of the Schubert symphony.
  2. We have only three weeks to rehearse.
  3. a: Do you want to see a movie tonight?
    b: I can't. I have ballet rehearsal.
    a: Can't you skip rehearsal  just this once?
    b: No! Our performance is the day after tomorrow!

Tomorrow's the big day! Don't miss it!