For Life

It's Monday, and Berlitz WordMaster is back in town!

And the kids will soon be back in school, so we thought it about time to take up the school theme once again. But this week, we'll be looking at learning that goes on outside the classroom; in particular, the study of arts such as music, dance, and theater. If you have a child - especially a daughter - odds are she's involved in one of these!

Today's Lesson


  • An extracurricular activity  is something - such as ballet, piano, sports, ENGLISH CONVERSATION!! etc. - that is done outside of the usual course of studies at school.

    We also call such an activity an after-school activity.
  • extracurricular activity  は、バレエ、ピアノ、スポーツ、英会話!!など、学校の正課の授業以外にすること、つまり、クラブ活動や個人的な習い事のことです。

    after-school activity  と呼ぶこともあります。


  1. When deciding who to accept, American universities don't just look at grades and test scores. They consider extracurricular activities  as well.
  2. In many families, children are so busy with extracurricular activities  that they're seldom at home.
  3. a: What after-school activities  do you participate in?
    b: I take piano lessons, and I'm on the badminton team.

School's out!