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Greetings! How did you do on yesterday's IQ test? Not very well? Well, here's a second chance to show that you could have taught Einstein a thing or two. Ready? ...

"Employee" is to "office building" as "soldier" is to...?

Today's Lesson
BASE   基地


  • A base  is the land and buildings where members of the Army, Air Force, Navy, etc. live and work and where their weapons and other equipment are kept.
  • base  は、陸軍、空軍、海軍などの兵士が、滞在して活動する土地及び建物 ―― つまり、基地のことです。武器やその他の装備もそこに蓄えられています。


  1. Several military bases  will have to be closed because of budget cuts.
  2. (to a member of the Air Force serving abroad)
    a: Do you live on base?
    b: No. I rent an apartment in town. By living off base,  I can really experience the country.
  3. All military personnel were asked to return to base  immediately.

See you again tomorrow, genius!