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Hello! It's not Challenge Friday, but here's a quick IQ test to keep you sharp until then: "Man" is to "woman" as "soldier" is to...?

Today's Lesson


  • A civilian  is a person who is not in the military or police.

    Civilian  is also an adjective used to talk about things not connected with the military or police.
  • civilian  は、軍隊や警察に所属していない人、つまり、民間人という意味です。

    形容詞形も civilian  で、民間人に関する事柄について話すときに使われます。


  1. a: Are you a soldier?
    b: No. I'm a civilian.
  2. Several civilian  targets were destroyed in the attack, including a crowded disco.
  3. The public was shocked by the large number of civilian  casualties from yesterday's bombing.
  4. After being in the army for five years, it was hard getting used to wearing civilian  clothes again.

We'll expect you to report for duty again tomorrow - bright and early! Dismissed!