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For Life

Welcome back! We had a terrific summer holiday! What a wonderful thing a vacation can be! So much is possible in life if one just has the time to try it! And being back here with you is, of course, a real treat!

We end our series on "War and Peace" this week. Today's WordMaster reminds us that, although immense sums of money are spent producing high-tech weapons and supporting huge armies, we must never forget the real price of war.

Today's Lesson


  • A casualty  is a person who has been killed or injured in a violent attack or accident.
  • casualty  は、暴力による攻撃や事故によって死傷した人のことです。


  1. Although there was much damage to property, fortunately there were no casualties.
  2. Russia suffered the heaviest casualties  during World War II. More than twenty million people lost their lives.
  3. Among the casualties  of the bombing was a 2-year-old girl.

Peace to you today.