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Today's WordMaster is the machine of war, but at times it also seems to be the only way to gain peace. Let's hope that it's a desire for the latter that will win the day.

Today's Lesson
MILITARY   軍隊、軍の


  • The military  is a country's army, navy, and air force, or similar group of organizations.

    Military  is also an adjective used to talk about things connected with the military.
  • military  は、国が所有する軍隊(陸軍、海軍、空軍、または、同じような組織)のことをさします。

    形容詞形も military  で、軍隊に関する事柄について話すときに使われます。


  1. From the time my son was a little boy, he's always wanted to join the military.
  2. They asked the military  to help keep the peace during the country's first free elections.
  3. The first time I saw my husband, he was in military  uniform. How handsome he looked!
  4. After 12 weeks of military  training, I was in great shape.
  5. Two important military  targets were attacked last night by enemy planes.
  6. The presidential candidate promised to cut military  spending and increase spending on education and healthcare.
  7. In that country, everyone does two years of military  service (= they train and work in the military) when they turn 18.
  8. Military  wives have to spend long periods of time alone.

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