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Remember that famous scene in "2001: A Space Odyssey", when ape-like man discovers a deadly new use for animal bones? Well, if Stanley Kubrick was right, then today's WordMaster has been around for a very long time.

Today's Lesson
WEAPON   武器、兵器


  • A weapon  is a piece of equipment - such as a knife, gun, or bomb - that is used for fighting.

    We often hear about "weapons  of mass destruction" in the news these days. These are weapons - such as chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons  - that can kill very large numbers of people or cause very large-scale damage.
  • weapon  は、戦いに使うための道具(例:ナイフ、銃砲、爆弾)、つまり、武器のことです。

    最近ニュースなどで weapons  of mass destruction という言葉をよく耳にします。これは、化学・生物兵器や核兵器などのように、多くの人を殺したり、甚大な被害をもたらしたりする武器――つまり、大量破壊兵器という意味です。


  1. (after a bank has been robbed)
    POLICEMAN: Were the men carrying any weapons?
    BANK TELLER: Yes. They all had guns.
  2. Modern weapons  are powerful enough to destroy whole cities in seconds.
  3. We must stop the production and trade of weapons  of mass destruction.
  4. Some people fear that this war will be fought with chemical (= poisonous gas, etc.) and biological (= viruses, etc.) weapons.

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