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For Life

Welcome to the end of the week! Our "Bad Boys" series is almost over, with just one more word to introduce to you before the weekend begins. Whether you consider today's WordMaster a crime or not, it's certainly true that it makes life in the city less pleasant than it could be. And after all, in most cities you're rarely more than a few steps from the nearest trash can!

Today's Lesson
LITTER   ゴミ、ゴミを投げ捨てする


  • Litter  is pieces of trash that have been left on the ground in a public place rather than thrown away properly.

    To litter  is to leave litter on the ground.
  • 名詞の litter  は、きちんと捨てられずに、公共の場所(公園や路上など)に置き去りにされたゴミのことです。

    動詞の litter  は、ゴミを投げ捨てる、ゴミを散らかす、という意味です。


  1. Downtown would be such a nice place if there wasn't so much litter  everywhere.
  2. When the fireworks were over and all the people had gone home, two dozen men came to collect all the litter  that had been left on the ground.
  3. a: I had to pay the city (= city government) ¥20,000 for littering!  Can you believe it?
    b: Sure I can believe it. Everyone knows it's against the law to litter  in Singapore.

Have a fun, safe weekend!