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For Life

One person's eyesore is another's work of art! What do you think?

Today's Lesson


  • Graffiti  is writing or pictures that are drawn on other people's property (especially on walls, etc. in public places) without their permission.
  • graffiti  は、他人の所有物(特に、公共の壁など)に断わりなく書(描)かれた文字や絵、つまり、落書きのことです。


  1. It seems like there's more and more graffiti  here every year. It makes this place look dirty and unsafe.
  2. The city government has people come every week to paint over all the graffiti  in Frontier Square.
  3. The walls of the station are always covered in graffiti.
  4. The boys were caught drawing graffiti  on a neighbor's house.
  5. My friend is a graffiti  artist. He's really very talented.

See you again tomorrow!