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Welcome back for the Wednesday WordMaster! Taking the rush-hour train to work or school is a rough way to start any morning. But when women have to worry about this particular crime, it's almost too much to bear!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: Problem Vocabulary
GROPE   痴漢行為をする、体をさわる


  • To grope  a person is to touch them in a sexual way.

    Be careful:
    To grope  is a crime when the person does not want you to touch them. But the word is also used (although it's rather vulgar) to mean touch a person sexually WITH their permission. (See Example 3.)
  • grope  は、異性の体をさわる、という意味です。

    grope  は、相手が嫌がっているのに体をさわる犯罪、つまり、痴漢行為をするという意味になります。けれども、お互いに了解した上でさわる、という意味でも使われます(かなり品のない言い方です)。(例文3参照)


  1. We saw a man groping  a school girl on the train, so we held him until the police came.
  2. a: What happened to Natsuko?
    b: She was groped  on the train again.  
  3. I was walking through the park last night, and boy, was I surprised! There were at least five couples groping  each other on the benches.

Remember, ladies, an elbow used properly can be a very effective weapon against rush-hour bad boys!