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Hello! The more romantic among us might think of the people who commit today's crime as a sort of urban hunter. But whatever you call them, they're a bad lot!

Today's Lesson


  • Purse snatching  is the act of stealing a person's purse, bag, etc. by taking it from them quickly or by force and running away with it (on foot, on motorcycle, etc.).

    A person who commits this crime is called a purse snatcher.
  • purse snatching  は、ハンドバッグやその他の鞄などを、すばやく、または強引に盗って逃げ去る(走って、オートバイで、など)行為――つまり、ひったくりのことです。

    ひったくりをする人のことを purse snatcher  といいます。


  1. Purse snatching  has become such a problem here that women are afraid to walk the streets anymore.
  2. There are signs around the city telling people to watch out for purse snatchers.
  3. My bag was stolen by a purse snatcher  on a motorcycle.

Watch your back!