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  • A meteor  is one of the "falling stars" that can sometimes be seen for a few seconds as bright streaks in the night sky.

    A meteor shower  occurs when the earth moves through material left behind by a comet. At such times, many meteors  (sometimes thousands!) can be seen every hour.
  • meteor  は、流れ星のことです。夜空に数秒間、明るい光の筋が走ったように見えます。

    meteor shower  (流星群)は、彗星が残していったチリの中を地球が通過するときに見られます。その際、一時間にたくさん(時には何千も)の流星が見られます。


  1. Oh, wow! Did you see that meteor  over there? It was really bright!
  2. Only the biggest meteors  ever reach the surface of the earth. Most just burn up as they fall.
  3. During the Leonid meteor shower  in 2002, I counted over 3000 meteors  in just one hour!
  4. Let's go to the country this weekend and see the meteor shower.

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