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A very special event is going to occur on the 8th of June! The planet Venus is going to pass directly in front of the sun and will appear as a tiny black disc against the sun's surface for several hours as it slowly crosses from left to right. This hasn't happened since the 19th century -- a very rare event! So don't miss it!

To celebrate this event, we're going to talk about space and other spectacular celestial light shows for the next two weeks!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: Problem Vocabulary
THE (FULL) MOON   (満)月


  • The moon  is the bright round object in the night sky that looks about the same size as the sun and moves around the earth about once every 27 days.

    The moon  is full  when the side facing us is completely lit up and round.

    Be careful:
    We usually say THE moon.
  • the moon  は、夜空に見える明るくて丸い天体、つまり月のことです。太陽と同じぐらいの大きさに見え、約27日周期で地球の周りをまわっています。 

    the moon  is full  は、月の全面が丸く輝いている現象、つまり、満月という意味です。

    moon には普通 the をつけて THE moon  と言います。


  1. Look! The moon  is out!  
  2. I still can't believe that people actually stood on the moon.
  3. When the moon  is full, people often act in unusual ways.
  4. It's a full moon  tonight.

Keep looking toward the stars!

 You should never look directly at the sun. You need to use dark film or some other means to protect your eyes from damage.