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Today's LessonCATEGORY: Commonly Confused Words
COME vs. GO   来る vs. 行く


  • Come  and go  both mean to move from one place to another.

    You usually use come  to say that someone (or something) moves towards you or with you.

    You usually use go  to say that a person moves from one place to another, but NOT towards you or with you.
  • come  と go  は、両方ともある場所からある場所に移動するという意味です。

    come  は、話し手に向かって、人や物が近づいてくる、または、話し手と共に移動する状況を言うときに使います。

    go  は、人がある場所からある場所に移動するけれども、話し手に近づいたり、話し手と共に移動したりしない状況を言うときに使います。


  1. Come  here. I want to tell you a secret.
  2. How many people are coming  (to our home) for dinner?
  3. (a father to his daughter)
    I'm going  to the grocery store. Do you want to come  too?
  4. Are you going  anywhere during summer vacation?
  5. I hate going  to the dentist's office.

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